About us.

The secret to success? Care more.

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, we’re a small but mighty team of digital marketing professionals. 16 years ago, e-commerce websites started gaining traction among global market leaders. And with that, Idea was born. Since then, we’ve built over 400 projects in 20+ countries around the world - and we’re not done yet.

Digital ideas are our currency - and we’ve got over 1,5 terabytes up our sleeves. From source codes to style sheets, not only do we store everything we’ve ever done, we use historical data and know-how to inform and improve every project we undertake - building a better online landscape for all.

Exciting times are ahead - and we’rgGe right at centre stage.

Goal focused, results driven.

One team - many talents. We get a little weird. We sometimes go off on a tangent. But we always find our way back. And we always reach our goals.

Our approach

Our multifaceted team bring all sorts of skills and experiences to the table, but at the end of the day - we all share the same values:

Attention is everything

Because creativity comes from understanding.

Keep pushing forward

Because real results require hard work.

Collaboration over competition

Because there’s no I in team

Always strive for more

Because constant improvement is key

We are:

strategists, UX designers, web developers, web designers, quality analysts and marketers

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