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Client: Medicinos diagnostikos ir gydymo centras

The most advanced laboratory diagnostics in the Baltic States
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The Medical Diagnostics and Treatment Center has a long-standing reputation of a reliable, accurate and fast medical center among Lithuanian and foreign patients. During the years of partnership, we have already developed two websites and various thematic marketing internet solutions.

We are most happy and proud of our latest work - an updated website with many improvements. When creating the website, we set ourselves goals to emphasize the professionalism of this center and make a functional and easy-to-manage website. We updated search performance by priorities, redesigned UX and user interface design for intuitive retrieval, integration with internal registration and pricing systems. The registration process has been completely changed - registration is no longer done by phone, but through the online registration system. All of these and more innovations await you on the new website!

Check it out live: medcentras.lt

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