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Client: DEBITUM network - Innovative Ecosystem for SMEs

$17,6 million

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We were brought on board to tell the world about Debitum Network, and with two rounds of crowdsales, we had our work cut out for us. At the end of the 6 month campaign, we hit the hard cap and successfully executed another major ICO project.

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The Objective

Clickverta - Inbound Marketing Agency

The Objective

We wanted to show potential investors their opportunity. There's a 2 trillion dollar gap waiting to be filled - and alternative financing is the perfect solution. To help our audience grasp that, we created easy to digest content, including infographics and videos.

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The Result

Before our digital marketing campaign, the potential for blockchain-powered SME funding was overlooked. Our efforts increased interest among global investors and the greater crypto community, including influencers like Supoman, jsnip4, Crypto Grinders, The Crypto Lark and many others.


Clickverta - Inbound Marketing Agency

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