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For most people, it comes as a surprise that gloves can come in so many variations. Granberg has engineered, designed and manufactured work and safety gloves for over 50 years, covering a range of industries including pharmacy, fishing and food processing. With more than 250 gloves available, we were tasked with designing a website that reflects Granberg’s reputation and experience, but above all, helps potential customers find the right product for their needs.

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Showcasing the range

Showcasing the range

Granberg has a range of technologically approved products, some of which have won design awards (Reddot 2015, 2016). Our task was to showcase this in a visually compelling way that addresses the criteria of a potential customer. We combined the technical information with easily identifiable icons to create professional graphics, helping to instil a sense of confidence in the brand.

Technologically approved products

In pharmacy, fishing and food industries

Smart search functionality

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Smart search functionality

With such a big product range, we didn't want to overwhelm visitors. We created intuitive navigation for both retailers and consumers, with advanced filtering to make browsing a breeze. Simply select the chemical, coating type, material and more to get to the right glove for the job.

Comparison tool

Clickverta - Inbound Marketing Agency

Comparison tool

Granberg has a database of over 16000 chemicals. The built-in comparison tool makes it easy to compare gloves side by side, ensuring you always get the most appropriate protection. Using a smart table, the tool categorizes gloves by how many minutes they can resist a chemical, also offering technical information if you need to know more.


Responsive design

With all the devices out there, websites have to be fully functional and compatible no matter the screen. We tested the project across a number of devices, ensuring the finished site was both user-friendly and responsive.




Clickverta - Inbound Marketing Agency
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