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Client: Lithuanian Post - Post Services in Lithuania

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Lithuania Post is the largest postal service in Lithuania, holding over 40% market share. After a recent merge with its sister company LP Express, our task was to take two large yet very different businesses and streamline them, reflecting a new and improved brand. Not only did we build a user-friendly website and self-service interface that communicates their merged services, we also supported Lithuania Post in addressing important changes in their business processes, ensuring the entire customer experience works seamlessly.

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Market Research

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Market Research

To better understand the needs of the customer, we conducted market research to help us determine all the different user groups.

We realised very quickly that introducing new services meant we would need to add new features and adjust processes. Distinguishing what each user group wanted in a postal service fuelled our brainstorming sessions, helping us come up with a new process for Lithuania Post to implement prior to launching their new website and self-service interface.


Market share in Lithuania

Improved Usability

Today, clients are browsing the site with ease, finding information at a faster rate than before. Parcel registration and tracking is also much faster, thanks to better functionality and a better insight into user experience.

Users per day in Lithuania

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